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Theme for the EIFAS 2021: Green Finance and Accounting with ESG

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The research symposium EIFAS 2021, brings together selected scholars on the topics of sustainability accounting and environmental/impact finance related disciplines to discuss their current research, interact and network, and exchange ideas through various formats. Exciting keynotes and paper presentations, together with publication opportunities and high-calibre networking await you.

Date: 11. November 2021, 13:00 - 16:00 EET (Helsinki Time)

Online Virtual Research Roundtable @ Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland, online in Zoom


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Event Details: Text

EIFAS 2021 - Green Finance and Accounting with ESG

11. November 2021, 13:00 - 16:00 EET (Helsinki Time)


Opening and Keynotes


Dr. Theresa Harrer, Middlesex University
Prof. Othmar M. Lehner, Hanken School of Economics
Prof. Olaf Weber, University of Waterloo - "Emerging topics in impact investing"
Prof. Jia Liu, University of Salford - "Long-Term Energy Transitions: Challenges and Prospects"



The virtual roundtables will bring together five scholars each in four public breakout sessions for short presentations and discussion

Discussion in the main session


Moderation: Dr. Theresa Harrer, Middlesex University

What would be the most pressing topics in Green Finance for research to tackle?

What needs to be done to build a fully functioning market for Green Finance?

How does the question of Green Finance interrelate with other advances, e.g., in digitalisation and AI?



Prof. Othmar M. Lehner, Hanken School of Economics

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John Holland - How can financial firms ‘go green’?

Robyn Owen - Seeding Green Innovation: Lessons for Finance Policy and Practice from the UK Experience

Manchuna Shanmuganathan - Sustainability and CSR in the contexts of MCS Concepts: Longitudinal Study on Company’s CSR-based Environmental Performance

Edward Jackson - Universities as Social Infrastructure Developers:  A New Role in the Post-Pandemic Recovery?

P. Karthika and M. Karthikeyan - A Pathway Approach to Sustainable Innovative Green Entrepreneurship Model for Value Creation and Stakeholders’ Benefits: Felt needs sector based Cases from India

Chair: Theresa Harrer

Group representative for discussion: Edward Jackson


Masudul Choudhury - Sustainability by the Ethics of Systematic Unity between Economy, Science and Society

Josef Baumüller - The EU Commission’s proposed Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and its role for Sustainable Finance in the EU

Olga Golubeva - Sustainability and technology: can managerial speeches (‘managerial talk’) contribute to an improved understanding of sustainability?

Julia Puaschunder - Mapping Climate Justice: Green Bonds and Diversified Interest Rates

David Hall and Melody Meng - Sustainable finance roadmaps: Financial sector agencies as climate policy intermediaries

Chair: Carina Knoll

Group representative for discussion: Julia Puaschunder


Patrycja Chodnicka-Jaworska - ESG as a Measure of Credit Ratings

Chihura Narikiyo and Elaine Harris - How Green is Strategic Decision-Making in a ‘Green Company’?

Markus Düringer - Green Bonds: Does Institutional Ownership Impact the Issuing Behavior of Companies?

Rosella Carè and Olaf Weber - Assessing the current state of research on climate and environment-related financial risks: What are we missing? A review and research agenda

Habeeb Yahya - Environmental, Social, and Governance Performance and Firm profitability and valuation. Case: Nordic countries

Chair: Othmar M. Lehner

Group representative for discussion: Markus Düringer


Jess Daggers - Causal uncertainty and the measurement and management of impact

Rituparna Das - How much does ESG Compliance contribute to shareholders’ value? A Study on Asian Emerging Economies 

Mariana Bozesan - ESG in VC: Today's Challenges and Opportunities

Daniela Majerčáková - A Proposed Framework for Impact Investment Eco-system in Slovakia

Chair: Lily Fox

Group representative for discussion: Mariana Bozesan

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Scientific Comittee

Prof. Othmar M Lehner, Director of the Center of Accounting, Finance and Governance, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Prof. Minna Martikainen, University of Vaasa, Finland
Prof. Bonnie Buchanan, Surrey University, UK
DDr. Julia Puaschunder, The New School, New York, US
Prof. James Ming Chen, College of Law, Michigan State University, USA
Prof. Ahmed Marhfor, University of Quebec, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada
Dr Michael Viehs, Oxford University and Hermes Investment Management, London,UK
Prof. Heimo Losbichler, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Prof. Steven C Michael, University of Illinois, USA
Prof. Christiana Weber, University of Hannover, Germany
Dr. Yifat Reuveni, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Prof. Michael Dorff, Southwestern Law School, USA

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