Business Conference

How do I attend EIFAS 2020?

What you need to know


Step 1: Download Zoom

Download the Zoom Client for Meetings to your device here


Step 2: Prepare your presentation

Please prepare PowerPoint slides for your presentation. You will share the slides with your colleagues via screen sharing during the sessions.

Step 3: Get the equipment you need

We recommend using headsets with embedded microphones, e.g. earphones for smartphones or gaming headsets.

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If you are attending from home, please ensure that your home internet connectivity is not degraded by simultaneous use by other members of your houshold. And hold the popcorn until after the presentation -
microwave ovens are known to interfere with Wi-Fi ;-)

Please also think of a contingency plan if your setup fails during your live presentation.


Step 4: Attend our test session

You will be able to test your equipment and get to know Zoom during a test session.

Date and time to be announced

Step 5: Set up your workplace

Use a quietspace, especially when attending from home, isolated
from noises from pets, family members and others. Turn off phone ringers, and be mindful of anything visually distracting in the background. Another issue for video conferencing is the lighting as well as the angle of your camera. Strong light sources, such as a window, behind you will turn your faces dark and grainy.

Finally, prepare some drinking water, coffee, chocolate or anything that makes you feel comfortable :-)


Step 6: Join EIFAS 2020

You will receive the link/Meeting ID and password to join EIFAS 2020 on Zoom in due course via Email.

Please join the meeting in time (mind the time zone!) and turn on video and audio.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you!